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For many years Shakti and Pepe’s wish has been to provide free yoga classes to all, and open the door for many people to experience the benefits of yoga without hesitation due to economic factors. This idea always looked almost impossible in the modern world where money is the dominant force, but after Shakti and Pepe moved to Israel they decided that maybe they can find a model that will work well with their wish. One thing was clear to them: they cannot do this on their own… they will need a community to support this model.

To complete their vision of sharing the wisdom of yoga with those that truly want to experience it, Pepe and Shakti put all their efforts in reducing the cost of their teacher training courses while keeping their high standards. Their hope is that most anyone will be able to afford their comprehensive courses, either for deepening their knowledge of yoga, or to become teachers and share this knowledge throughout the world.



Their mission is:Shakti_Pepe_14B

  • To provide free yoga classes to all.
  • To expand students knowledge of yoga far beyond the practice of the yoga posters.
  • To create a spiritual community that will support each other and the center.
  • To help those students that would like to make a living from teaching yoga.

How this can happen

This can happens because Shakti and Pepe are running Yoga center and an international Yoga college under one Umbrella.

The idea is that the Yoga College will sponsor the Yoga Center. The tuition students will pay for the yoga teacher training courses as well as for seminars and workshops will pay for the yoga center and allow us to provide free classes and pay the teachers, the rent and all the other endless business expanses. By taking courses students not only expand their knowledge but also provide the opportunity for people to take free yoga classes.


How can you help and support this idea:

  • Let all your friends know about our yoga classes
  • Take at list one seminar or a course a year (this is not a mandatory request)
  • Once a while volunteer for a Karma Yoga

(all of the above is optional)


in order to enjoy the free classes:

you have to fill a short registration form

if you need a yoga mat, you can rent it for 5 ₪ (per class)

most of our yoga classes are free, except for:

yoga experience – yoga with live music (40₪)


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* Prana Yoga College keep its right to change and/or stop the written in this page




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